Swarna Raw 5% Broken


Swarna Raw 5% Broken

Swarna Raw 5% Broken is a type of rice, that is raw, unpolished state and broken grains. In the Indian market, Trade Pros is a leading supplier of Swarna Raw 5% Broken rice and spices as well. This rice type is called "Swarna" and has 5% fractured grains, which means that a tiny percentage of the grains are broken during processing. Despite the broken grains, Our Swarna Raw 5% Broken rice retains nutritional content and is a popular option in many cuisines owing to its texture & taste. Swarna Raw 5% Broken rice, whether used in savory recipes, sweets, or as a side dish, is a wonderful and healthful complement to every meal.

Since we are one of the leading Swarna Raw 5% Broken rice traders in India, we carefully select and process the rice to ensure superior taste & texture as well as nutritional value. Our focus is on quality and affordability. Trade Pros is providing customers with the best rice products that meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Whether you're a wholesaler, retailer, or consumer, you can trust us for premium Swarna Raw 5% Broken as well as other varieties of rice. If you want exceptional value and satisfaction, Trade Pros is the best rice trader in India for all your requirements. Reach us for the sample and free quotation!


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