About US


Our History

With our extensive experience in trading, especially agricultural commodities and spices, and our reputation as one of India’s top commodity trading companies, Trade Pros find the ideal customers for your goods. We are globally connected to the international commodity markets. You can directly procure & export Indian spices, rice (multiple varieties), and other products to any continent through us. Trade-Pros always think the customer is king, and we have an extremely reliable and open working process. We have a team of experts & professionals who analyze the market daily, so we always serve you with updated information. Our team of experts is all ears to listen to your needs and assist with prompt solutions.



Our Vision

To optimize the natural resources to provide the best quality and high stability, meeting the exact requirement for usage of large–scale or mid-scale projects for exporting into the world market. We are committed to delivering what we promise with a group of a dynamic and efficient team.


Our Mission

To be a dependable agro-export company in India and turn the food commodity supply chain into an integrated and effective ecosystem that generates value for all parties, from the primary producer to the final consumer.


What do we strive for?

Our goal is to provide an all-inclusive agri-commodity trade facilitation solution that reduces risk, eliminates waste, and creates value at every point of the post-harvest supply chain. We provide multi-stakeholder platforms with technology for inclusive modern marketplaces that encourage secure trade. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and abiding by best practices, we work to assure maximum security and complete transparency.

Our Desirability

Business Ethics & Responsibility

Uphold our code of conduct and moral principles, practice good governance, and encourage accountability and ethical decision-making.

Customers receive value

We work hard to develop a customer experience that consistently fulfills our brand promise.


Without sacrificing the truth in relationships, act with integrity and honor.

Responsibility & Accountability

Accept accountability for your experience, judgment, and policies.

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