Swarna Raw 25% Broken


Swarna Raw 25% Broken

Swarna Raw 25% Broken refers to a specific variety of rice known for its characteristics. "Swarna" is the type or variety of rice, while "Raw" indicates that the rice has not undergone any parboiling process. "25% Broken" signifies that 25% of the grains are broken during the milling process, which is a common grading standard in the rice industry. Trade Pros is listed among the leading Swarna Raw 25% Broken rice suppliers in India, offering unparalleled quality.

This type of rice is often used in dishes where a softer texture or quicker cooking time is desired, such as rice pudding or congee. It still retains much of the nutritional value and flavor of whole-grain rice despite the broken grains. Since we source the finest grains, we make sure that every batch of Swarna Raw 25% Broken rice meets the standards of purity and freshness. We know the significance of consistency and perfection in every grain, which is why we choose and prepare our rice to provide a product that exceeds expectations.

With Trade Pros, customers can trust in the superior quality and taste of our Swarna Raw 25% Broken rice. Whether it's for home-cooked meals or large-scale events, our rice doesn’t lose its flavour, texture, and nutritional value. We prioritize customer satisfaction and extend beyond just providing a product. Furthermore, Trade Pros offers competitive pricing and reliable service, making us the preferred choice for discerning customers across India. When it comes to Swarna Raw 25% Broken Rice, you can trust us for unparalleled quality, reliability, and value.


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