Swarna Parboiled 5% Broken


Swarna Parboiled 5% Broken

Swarna Parboiled 5% Broken rice is a variety of rice that undergoes a parboiling process before milling. It originated in India and is mostly farmed in the states of West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab. The "5% Broken" designation refers to the percentage of broken grains in the rice that indicates its quality. When it comes to Swarna Parboiled 5% Broken rice variety, Trade Pros reigns supreme as among the best Swarna Parboiled 5% Broken rice traders in India .

Each grain is selected for its distinct scent, pearly-white sheen, and fluffy texture after being grown in the rich plains of India. We take great care in selecting only the finest Swarna Parboiled 5% Broken rice for our customers. If you want to enjoy the delicate and nutty taste that enriches your meal, Trade Pros is your destination. The unrivaled quality is the result of years of experience and unrelenting devotion to betterment.

Parboiling involves partially boiling the rice grains while they are still in the husk. This process helps retain the nutrients present in the outer layers of the grain, resulting in a more nutritious end product compared to white rice. Additionally, parboiling makes the rice less prone to breakage during milling and cooking. The golden colour and firm texture of our Swarna Parboiled 5% Broken rice, make it more premium and richer looking. It is a popular choice across India and other parts of the world. The versatility and nutritional benefits it offers are incomparable. Trust Trade Pros to provide you with the best Swarna Parboiled 5% Broken rice available on the market.


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