IR8 Parboiled 5% Broken


IR8 Parboiled 5% Broken

IR 8 Raw 5% Broken is primarily cultivated in the Gujarat Region of India. This has been fed on a vast scale in South African places. IR 8 is lengthy grain rice, generally cultivated in Gujarat place. IR 8 Raw 5% Broken is silky and wiped clean parboiled Rice.

Why Choose Trade Pros?

Our greatness goes beyond the product itself. Transparency, traceability, and sustainability are our top priorities across the supply chain. We make sure that each grain of rice fulfills the highest quality and ethical sourcing requirements. Whether you're a culinary enthusiast, a restaurateur looking to wow discriminating customers, or a home cook looking to improve your recipes.

Trade Pros' IR8 parboiled 5% broken rice is the ideal ingredient for success. Expect nothing less than excellence in every dish, from fragrant biryanis to hearty rice bowls and everything in between. Trade Pros is a trusted source of premium rice and spices. You can experience the difference that quality makes in your kitchen and indulge in the unmatched flavour, texture, and nutritional value of our IR8 parboiled 5% broken rice .


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