IR 64/36 Parboiled 5% Broken


IR 64/36 Parboiled 5% Broken

The IR 64/36 Parboiled 5% Broken from Trade Pros, is the peak of Indian parboiled rice quality. This semi-dwarf variety is the result of rigorous breeding which combines the greatest qualities of its ancestors to produce grain with both high yield and early maturity. IR 64/36 Parboiled 5% was created by cross-breeding IR 8 with 13 unique strains from six countries: India, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and the United States. Broken quickly acquired an international reputation for its exceptional performance in the agriculture industry. The confluence of these efforts has driven IR 64/36 to become one of the world's most commonly farmed types in a surprisingly short period.

Each grain of IR 64/36 Parboiled 5% Broken is precision-crafted and goes through a painstaking process of double polishing and thorough cleaning to ensure it meets high international standards. A dependable and robust crop alternative is given to farmers by this strict quality control, which also reduces the inherent hazards connected with rice growing.

Our pulses and spices have received widespread support from agricultural extension organizations and have made their way into the fields of farmers in many locales. With its unique scent and freshness, IR 64/36 Parboiled 5% Broken promises to tantalize the taste. Its exquisite flavour, along with ease of digestion and preparation, makes it a popular option among sophisticated customers looking for both cleanliness and nutritional content.

IR 64/36 Parboiled 5% Broken embodies health and wellness benefits, offering a wholesome alternative to conventional rice varieties. This premium offering from Trade Pros epitomizes the epitome of quality and reliability in the Indian parboiled rice market. We are among the most trusted IR 64/36 Parboiled 5% Broken rice traders in India , so you don’t have to worry about the quality and other services.


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